Featured Publications


Genomic basis and evolutionary potential for extreme drought adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana

Exposito-Alonso M., Vasseur F., Ding W., Wang G., Burbano H. A. and Weigel D.
Nat Ecol Evol
(2018), 2(2) 352-358.

Genomic estimation of complex traits reveals ancient maize adaptation to temperate North America

Swarts K., Gutaker R. M., Benz B., Blake M., Bukowski R., Holland J., Kruse-Peeples M., Lepak N., Prim L., Romay M. C., Ross-Ibarra J., Sanchez-Gonzalez J. J., Schmidt C., Schuenemann V. J., Krause J., Matson R. G., Weigel D., Buckler E. S. and Burbano H. A.
(2017), 357(6350) 512-515.

1,135 Genomes Reveal the Global Pattern of Polymorphism in Arabidopsis thaliana

1001 Genomes Consortium
(2016), 166(2) 481-91.

Species-wide Genetic Incompatibility Analysis Identifies Immune Genes as Hot Spots of Deleterious Epistasis

Chae E., Bomblies K., Kim S. T., Karelina D., Zaidem M., Ossowski S., Martin-Pizarro C., Laitinen R. A., Rowan B. A., Tenenboim H., Lechner S., Demar M., Habring-Muller A., Lanz C., Ratsch G. and Weigel D.
(2014), 159(6) 1341-51.



Commensal Pseudomonas protect Arabidopsis thaliana from a coexisting pathogen via multiple lineage-dependent mechanisms

Shalev O., Ashkenazy H., Neumann M. and Weigel D.
(2022), 16(5) 1235-1244.

Drought selection on <em>Arabidopsis</em> populations and their microbiomes

Karasov Talia L., Neumann Manuela, Shirsekar Gautam, Monroe Grey, Team PATHODOPSIS, Weigel Detlef and Schwab Rebecca
(2022), 2022.04.08.487684.

Predictable and stable epimutations induced during clonal propagation with embryonic transcription factors

Wibowo Anjar, Antunez-Sanchez Javier, Dawson Alexander, Price Jonathan, Meehan Cathal, Wrightsman Travis, Collenberg Maximillian, Berzukov Ilja, Becker Claude, Benhamed Moussa, Weigel Detlef and Gutierrez-Marcos Jose
(2022), 2022.03.15.484412.

Pervasive Under-Dominance in Gene Expression as Unifying Principle of Biomass Heterosis in <em>Arabidopsis</em>

Yuan Wei, Beitel Fiona, Srikant Thanvi, Bezrukov Ilja, Schäfer Sabine, Kraft Robin and Weigel Detlef
(2022), 2022.03.03.482808.

Rapid adaptation and range expansion in response to agriculture over the last two centuries

Kreiner Julia, Latorre Sergio M., A. Burbano Hernán, Stinchcombe John R., Otto Sarah P., Weigel Detlef and Wright Stephen I.
(2022), 2022.02.25.482047.

Commensal Pseudomonas strains facilitate protective response against pathogens in the host plant

Shalev O., Karasov T. L., Lundberg D. S., Ashkenazy H., Pramoj Na Ayutthaya P. and Weigel D.
Nat Ecol Evol
(2022), .

Pushing the limits of HiFi assemblies reveals centromere diversity between two <em>Arabidopsis thaliana</em> genomes

Rabanal Fernando A., Gräff Maike, Lanz Christa, Fritschi Katrin, Llaca Victor, Lang Michelle, Carbonell-Bejerano Pablo, Henderson Ian and Weigel Detlef
(2022), 2022.02.15.480579.

Monitoring rapid evolution of plant populations at scale with Pool-Sequencing

Czech Lucas, Peng Yunru, Spence Jeffrey P., Lang Patricia L.M., Bellagio Tatiana, Hildebrandt Julia, Fritschi Katrin, Schwab Rebecca, Rowan Beth A., consortium GrENE-net, Weigel Detlef, Scheepens J.F., Vasseur François and Exposito-Alonso Moises
(2022), 2022.02.02.477408.

Mutation bias reflects natural selection in Arabidopsis thaliana

Monroe J. G., Srikant T., Carbonell-Bejerano P., Becker C., Lensink M., Exposito-Alonso M., Klein M., Hildebrandt J., Neumann M., Kliebenstein D., Weng M. L., Imbert E., Agren J., Rutter M. T., Fenster C. B. and Weigel D.
(2022), 602(7895) 101-105.

Petabase-scale sequence alignment catalyses viral discovery

Edgar R. C., Taylor J., Lin V., Altman T., Barbera P., Meleshko D., Lohr D., Novakovsky G., Buchfink B., Al-Shayeb B., Banfield J. F., de la Pena M., Korobeynikov A., Chikhi R. and Babaian A.
(2022), 602(7895) 142-147.

Rapid genomic convergent evolution in experimental populations of Trinidadian guppies (Poecilia reticulata)

van der Zee M. J., Whiting J. R., Paris J. R., Bassar R. D., Travis J., Weigel D., Reznick D. N. and Fraser B. A.
Evol Lett
(2022), 6(2) 149-161.

Repeated origins, widespread gene flow, and allelic interactions of target-site herbicide resistance mutations

Kreiner J. M., Sandler G., Stern A. J., Tranel P. J., Weigel D., Stinchcombe J. and Wright S. I.
(2022), 11.

Chromosome-level Thlaspi arvense genome provides new tools for translational research and for a newly domesticated cash cover crop of the cooler climates

Nunn A., Rodriguez-Arevalo I., Tandukar Z., Frels K., Contreras-Garrido A., Carbonell-Bejerano P., Zhang P., Ramos-Cruz D., Jandrasits K., Lanz C., Brusa A., Mirouze M., Dorn K., Galbraith D., Jarvis B. A., Sedbrook J. C., Wyse D. L., Otto C., Langenberger D., Stadler P. F., Weigel D., Marks M. D., Anderson J. A., Becker C. and Chopra R.
Plant Biotechnol J
(2022), .



Standing genetic variation fuels rapid evolution of herbicide resistance in blackgrass

Kersten Sonja, Chang Jiyang, Huber Christian D., Voichek Yoav, Lanz Christa, Hagmaier Timo, Lang Patricia, Lutz Ulrich, Hirschberg Insa, Lerchl Jens, Porri Aimone, Van de Peer Yves, Schmid Karl, Weigel Detlef and Rabanal Fernando A.
(2021), 2021.12.14.472587.

Reduced gamete viability associated to somatic genome rearrangements increases fruit set sensitivity to the environment in Tempranillo Blanco grapevine cultivar

Tello J., Royo C., Baroja E., García-Escudero E., Martínez-Zapater J. M. and Carbonell-Bejerano P.
Sci Hort.
(2021), 290(110497).

Multiple Sources of Introduction of North American Arabidopsis thaliana From Across Eurasia

Shirsekar G., Devos J., Latorre S. M., Blaha A., Queiroz Dias M., Gonzalez Hernando A., Lundberg D. S., Burbano H. A., Fenster C. B. and Weigel D.
Mol Biol Evol
(2021), 38(12) 5328-5344.

It Is Just a Matter of Time: Balancing Homologous Recombination and Non-homologous End Joining at the rDNA Locus During Meiosis

Sims J., Rabanal F. A., Elgert C., von Haeseler A. and Schlogelhofer P.
Front Plant Sci
(2021), 12 773052.

Extensive gene duplication in Arabidopsis revealed by pseudo-heterozygosity

Jaegle Benjamin, Soto-Jimenez Luz Mayela, Burns Robin, Rabanal Fernando A. and Nordborg Magnus
(2021), 2021.11.15.468652.

Grafting vigour is associated with DNA de-methylation in eggplant

Cerruti E., Gisbert C., Drost H. G., Valentino D., Portis E., Barchi L., Prohens J., Lanteri S., Comino C. and Catoni M.
Hortic Res
(2021), 8(1) 241.

vcf2gwas-python API for comprehensive GWAS analysis using GEMMA

Vogt F., Shirsekar G. and Weigel D.
(2021), 38(3) 839-840.

The EDS1-PAD4-ADR1 node mediates Arabidopsis pattern-triggered immunity

Pruitt R. N., Locci F., Wanke F., Zhang L., Saile S. C., Joe A., Karelina D., Hua C., Frohlich K., Wan W. L., Hu M., Rao S., Stolze S. C., Harzen A., Gust A. A., Harter K., Joosten Mhaj, Thomma Bphj, Zhou J. M., Dangl J. L., Weigel D., Nakagami H., Oecking C., Kasmi F. E., Parker J. E. and Nurnberger T.
(2021), 598(7881) 495-499.

noisyR: enhancing biological signal in sequencing datasets by characterizing random technical noise

Moutsopoulos I., Maischak L., Lauzikaite E., Vasquez Urbina S. A., Williams E. C., Drost H. G. and Mohorianu II
Nucleic Acids Res
(2021), 49(14) e83.

The Underlying Nature of Epigenetic Variation: Origin Establishment, and Regulatory Function of Plant Epialleles

Srikant T. and Tri Wibowo A.
Int Journal of Mol Sciences (IJMS)
(2021), 22(16) 8618.

Host-associated microbe PCR (hamPCR) enables convenient measurement of both microbial load and community composition

Lundberg D. S., Pramoj Na Ayutthaya P., Strauss A., Shirsekar G., Lo W. S., Lahaye T. and Weigel D.
(2021), 10 e66186.

eLife and medicine: Rigorous review and editorial oversight of clinical preprints

Zaidi M., Harper D. M., Akhmanova A., Weigel D., Behrens T. and Eisen M.
(2021), 10 e67528.

Is aromatic terpenoid composition of grapes in Northwestern Iberian wine cultivars related to variation in VviDXS1 gene?

Royo C., Carbonell-Bejerano P., Torres-Pérez R., Freire L., Ibáñez J., Martínez-Zapater J. M. and Vilanova M.
J. Berry Res
(2021), 11(2) 187-200.

<em>vcf2gwas</em> - Python API for comprehensive GWAS analysis using GEMMA

Vogt Frank, Shirsekar Gautam and Weigel Detlef
(2021), 2021.06.01.446586.

Population structure and evolution of resistance to acetolactate synthase (ALS)-inhibitors in Amaranthus tuberculatus in Italy

Milani A., Lutz U., Galla G., Scarabel L., Weigel D. and Sattin M.
Pest Manag Sci
(2021), 77(6) 2971-2980.

Plant NLR diversity: the known unknowns of pan-NLRomes

Barragan A. C. and Weigel D.
Plant Cell
(2021), 33(4) 814-831.

Drainage-structuring of ancestral variation and a common functional pathway shape limited genomic convergence in natural high- and low-predation guppies

Whiting J. R., Paris J. R., van der Zee M. J., Parsons P. J., Weigel D. and Fraser B. A.
PLoS Genet
(2021), 17(5) e1009566.

Repeated origins, gene flow, and allelic interactions of herbicide resistance mutations in a widespread agricultural weed

Kreiner J.M., Sandler G., Stern A.J., Tranel P.J., Weigel D, Stinchcombe J.R. and Wright S.I.
(2021), 2021.05.10.443516.

Genetic variation, environment and demography intersect to shape Arabidopsis defense metabolite variation across Europe

Katz E., Li J. J., Jaegle B., Ashkenazy H., Abrahams S. R., Bagaza C., Holden S., Pires C. J., Angelovici R. and Kliebenstein D. J.
(2021), 10.

Genetic variation and association analyses identify genes linked to fruit set-related traits in grapevine

Zinelabidine L. H., Torres-Perez R., Grimplet J., Baroja E., Ibanez S., Carbonell-Bejerano P., Martinez-Zapater J. M., Ibanez J. and Tello J.
Plant Sci
(2021), 306 110875.

A Predictive Approach to Infer the Activity and Natural Variation of Retrotransposon Families in Plants

Benoit M. and Drost H. G.
Methods Mol Biol
(2021), 2250 1-14.

The genetic architecture and genome-wide signatures of glyphosate resistance in Amaranthus tuberculatus

Kreiner J. M., Tranel P. J., Weigel D., Stinchcombe J. R. and Wright S. I.
Mol Ecol
(2021), 30(21) 5373-5389.

Contrasting patterns of microbial dominance in the <em>Arabidopsis thaliana</em> phyllosphere

Lundberg Derek S., de Pedro Jové Roger, Na Ayutthaya Pratchaya Pramoj, Karasov Talia L., Shalev Or, Poersch Karin, Ding Wei, Bollmann-Giolai Anita, Bezrukov Ilja and Weigel Detlef
(2021), 2021.04.06.438366.

Protective host-dependent antagonism among <em>Pseudomonas</em> in the <em>Arabidopsis</em> phyllosphere

Skriptchak Or Shalev, Karasov Talia L., Lundberg Derek S., Ashkenazy Haim and Weigel Detlef
(2021), 2021.04.08.438928.

Whole genome resequencing and custom genotyping unveil clonal lineages in 'Malbec' grapevines (Vitis vinifera L.)

Calderon L., Mauri N., Munoz C., Carbonell-Bejerano P., Bree L., Bergamin D., Sola C., Gomez-Talquenca S., Royo C., Ibanez J., Martinez-Zapater J. M. and Lijavetzky D.
Sci Rep
(2021), 11(1) 7775.

Sensitive protein alignments at tree-of-life scale using DIAMOND

Buchfink B., Reuter K. and Drost H. G.
Nat Methods
(2021), 18(4) 366-368.

Genetic Mapping by Sequencing More Precisely Detects Loci Responsible for Anaerobic Germination Tolerance in Rice

Ignacio J. C. I., Zaidem M., Casal C., Jr., Dixit S., Kretzschmar T., Samaniego J. M., Mendioro M. S., Weigel D. and Septiningsih E. M.
Plants (Basel)
(2021), 10(4).

Genotyping-by-sequencing-based identification of <em>Arabidopsis</em> pattern recognition receptor RLP32 recognizing proteobacterial translation initiation factor IF1

Fan Li, Fröhlich Katja, Melzer Eric, Albert Isabell, Pruitt Rory N., Zhang Lisha, Albert Markus, Kim Sang-Tae, Chae Eunyoung, Weigel Detlef, Gust Andrea A. and Nürnberger Thorsten
(2021), 2021.03.04.433884.

HASTY modulates miRNA biogenesis by linking pri-miRNA transcription and processing

Cambiagno D. A., Giudicatti A. J., Arce A. L., Gagliardi D., Li L., Yuan W., Lundberg D. S., Weigel D. and Manavella P. A.
Mol Plant
(2021), 14(3) 426-439.

Male-specific Y-chromosomal regions in waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus) and Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri)

Montgomery J. S., Giacomini D. A., Weigel D. and Tranel P. J.
New Phytol
(2021), 229(6) 3522-3533.

Challenges of viticulture adaptation to global change: tackling the issue from the roots

Marín D., Armengol J., Carbonell-Bejerano P., Escalona J. M., Gramaje D., Hernández-Montes E., Intrigliolo D. S., Martínez-Zapater M., Medrano H., Mirás-Avalos J. M., Palomares-Rius J. E., Romero-Azorín P., Savé R., Santesteban L. G. and de Herralde F.
Aus. J. of Grape Wine Res
(2021), 27 8-25.

Genomic rearrangements generate hypervariable mini-chromosomes in host-specific isolates of the blast fungus

Langner T., Harant A., Gomez-Luciano L. B., Shrestha R. K., Malmgren A., Latorre S. M., Burbano H. A., Win J. and Kamoun S.
PLoS Genet
(2021), 17(2) e1009386.

Rapid genomic convergent evolution in experimental populations of Trinidadian guppies (<em>Poecilia reticulata</em>)

van der Zee Mijke J., Whiting James R., Paris Josephine R., Bassar Ron D., Travis Joseph, Weigel Detlef, Reznick David N. and Fraser Bonnie A.
(2021), 2021.02.10.430609.

The population genomics of adaptive loss of function

Monroe J. G., McKay J. K., Weigel D. and Flood P. J.
Heredity (Edinb)
(2021), 126(3) 383-395.

How Stress Facilitates Phenotypic Innovation Through Epigenetic Diversity

Srikant T. and Drost H. G.
Front Plant Sci
(2021), 11 606800.

Small peptides modulate the immune function of the ion channel-like protein ACD6 in <em>Arabidopsis thaliana</em>

Zhu Wangsheng, Li Lei, Neuhaeuser Benjamin, Thelen Michael, Wang Mingyu, Chen Junbin, Wei Luyang, Venkataramani Kavita, Exposito-Alonso Moises, Liu Chang, Keck Jakob, Barragan A. Cristina, Schwab Rebecca, Lutz Ulrich, Ludewig Uwe and Weigel Detlef
(2021), 2021.01.25.428077.

Homozygosity at its Limit: Inbreeding Depression in Wild <em>Arabidopsis arenosa</em> Populations

Barragan A. Cristina, Collenberg Maximilian, Schwab Rebecca, Kerstens Merijn, Bezrukov Ilja, Bemm Felix, Požárová Doubravka, Kolá? Filip and Weigel Detlef
(2021), 2021.01.24.427284.

A Truncated Singleton NLR Causes Hybrid Necrosis in Arabidopsis thaliana

Barragan A. C., Collenberg M., Wang J., Lee R. R. Q., Cher W. Y., Rabanal F. A., Ashkenazy H., Weigel D. and Chae E.
Mol Biol Evol
(2021), 38(2) 557-574.

Fine-scale Population Structure of North American <em>Arabidopsis thaliana</em> Reveals Multiple Sources of Introduction from Across Eurasia

Shirsekar Gautam, Devos Jane, Latorre Sergio M., Blaha Andreas, Dias Maique Queiroz, González Hernando Alba, Lundberg Derek S., Burbano Hernán A., Fenster Charles B. and Weigel Detlef
(2021), 2021.01.22.427575.

noisyR: Enhancing biological signal in sequencing datasets by characterising random technical noise

Moutsopoulos Ilias, Maischak Lukas, Lauzikaite Elze, Vasquez Urbina Sergio Alberto, Williams Eleanor C, Drost Hajk Georg and Mohorianu Irina I
(2021), 2021.01.17.427026.

CRISPR-finder: A high throughput and cost-effective method to identify successfully edited Arabidopsis thaliana individuals

Symeonidi E., Regalado J., Schwab R. and Weigel D.
Quant. Plant Biol
(2021), 2:e1 1-7.



A gibberellin methyltransferase modulates the timing of floral transition at the Arabidopsis shoot meristem

Lee J. E., Goretti D., Neumann M., Schmid M. and You Y.
Physiol Plant
(2020), 170(4) 474-487.

Implementing a "publish, then review" model of publishing

Eisen M. B., Akhmanova A., Behrens T. E., Harper D. M., Weigel D. and Zaidi M.
(2020), 9.

Draft genomes of Amaranthus tuberculatus, Amaranthus hybridus and Amaranthus palmeri

Montgomery J. S., Giacomini D., Waithaka B., Lanz C., Murphy B. P., Campe R., Lerchl J., Landes A., Gatzmann F., Janssen A., Antonise R., Patterson E., Weigel D. and Tranel P. J.
Genome Biol Evol
(2020), 12(11) 1988-1993.

The trehalose 6-phosphate pathway impacts vegetative phase change in Arabidopsis thaliana

Ponnu J., Schlereth A., Zacharaki V., Dzialo M. A., Abel C., Feil R., Schmid M. and Wahl V.
Plant J
(2020), 104(3) 768-780.

A new role for histone demethylases in the maintenance of plant genome integrity

Antunez-Sanchez J., Naish M., Ramirez-Prado J. S., Ohno S., Huang Y., Dawson A., Opassathian K., Manza-Mianza D., Ariel F., Raynaud C., Wibowo A., Daron J., Ueda M., Latrasse D., Slotkin R. K., Weigel D., Benhamed M. and Gutierrez-Marcos J.
(2020), 9.

Drainage-structuring of ancestral variation and a common functional pathway shape limited genomic convergence in natural high- and low-predation guppies

Whiting James R., Paris Josephine R., van der Zee Mijke J., Parsons Paul J., Weigel Detlef and Fraser Bonnie A.
(2020), 2020.10.14.339333.

ARADEEPOPSIS, an Automated Workflow for Top-View Plant Phenomics using Semantic Segmentation of Leaf States

Huther P., Schandry N., Jandrasits K., Bezrukov I. and Becker C.
Plant Cell
(2020), 32(12) 3674-3688.

Improved reference genome uncovers novel sex-linked regions in the guppy (Poecilia reticulata)

Fraser B. A., Whiting J. R., Paris J. R., Weadick C. J., Parsons P. J., Charlesworth D., Bergero R., Bemm F., Hoffmann M., Kottler V. A., Liu C., Dreyer C. and Weigel D.
Genome Biol Evol
(2020), 12(10) 1789-1805.

Hybridization ddRAD-sequencing for population genomics of non-model plants using highly degraded historical specimen DNA

Lang P. L. M., Weiss C. L., Kersten S., Latorre S. M., Nagel S., Nickel B., Meyer M. and Burbano H. A.
Mol Ecol Resour
(2020), 20(5) 1228-1247.

Differential loss of effector genes in three recently expanded pandemic clonal lineages of the rice blast fungus

Latorre S. M., Reyes-Avila C. S., Malmgren A., Win J., Kamoun S. and Burbano H. A.
BMC Biol
(2020), 18(1) 88.

Non-additive polygenic models improve predictions of fitness traits in three eukaryote model species

Exposito-Alonso Moises, Wilton Peter and Nielsen Rasmus
(2020), 2020.07.14.194407.

CRISPR-finder: A high throughput and cost effective method for identifying successfully edited <em>A. thaliana</em> individuals

Symeonidi Efthymia, Regalado Julian, Schwab Rebecca and Weigel Detlef
(2020), 2020.06.25.171538.

LTRpred: de novo annotation of intact retrotransposons

Drost, H. G.
Journal of Open Source Software (2020), 5(50) 2170.

Mutation bias shapes gene evolution in <em>Arabidopsis thaliana</em>

Monroe J. Grey, Srikant Thanvi, Carbonell-Bejerano Pablo, Exposito-Alonso Moises, Weng Mao-Lun, Rutter Matthew T., Fenster Charles B. and Weigel Detlef
(2020), 2020.06.17.156752.

What natural variation can teach us about resistance durability

Karasov T. L., Shirsekar G., Schwab R. and Weigel D.
Curr Opin Plant Biol
(2020), 56 89-98.

Measuring both microbial load and diversity with a single amplicon sequencing library

Lundberg Derek S., Ayutthaya Pratchaya Pramoj Na, Strauß Annett, Shirsekar Gautam, Lo Wen-Sui, Lahaye Thomas and Weigel Detlef
(2020), 2020.05.19.103937.

Convergent Loss of an EDS1/PAD4 Signaling Pathway in Several Plant Lineages Reveals Co-evolved Components of Plant Immunity and Drought Response

Baggs E., Monroe J. G., Thanki A. S., O'Grady R., Schudoma C., Haerty W. and Krasileva K. V.
Plant Cell
(2020), 32(7) 2158-2177.

Combining whole-genome shotgun sequencing and rRNA gene amplicon analyses to improve detection of microbe-microbe interaction networks in plant leaves

Regalado J., Lundberg D. S., Deusch O., Kersten S., Karasov T., Poersch K., Shirsekar G. and Weigel D.
(2020), 14 2116-2130.

Identifying genetic variants underlying phenotypic variation in plants without complete genomes

Voichek Y. and Weigel D.
Nat Genet
(2020), 52(5) 534-540.

An Algorithm to Build a <em>Multi-genome</em> Reference

Rabbani Leily, Müller Jonas and Weigel Detlef
(2020), 2020.04.11.036871.

Blue Native Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (BN-PAGE) for the Analysis of Protein Oligomers in Plants

Na Ayutthaya P. P., Lundberg D., Weigel D. and Li L.
Curr Protoc Plant Biol
(2020), 5(2) e20107.

The Earth BioGenome project: Opportunities and Challenges for Plant Genomics and Conservation

Exposito-Alonso M., Drost H. G., Burbano H. A. and Weigel D.
Plant J
(2020), 102(2) 222-229.

Tropical Trees as Time Capsules of Anthropogenic Activity

Caetano-Andrade V. L., Clement C. R., Weigel D., Trumbore S., Boivin N., Schongart J. and Roberts P.
Trends Plant Sci
(2020), 25(4) 369-380.

Publishing in the time of COVID-19

Eisen M. B., Akhmanova A., Behrens T. E. and Weigel D.
(2020), 9.

Atypical Resistance Protein RPW8/HR Triggers Oligomerization of the NLR Immune Receptor RPP7 and Autoimmunity

Li L., Habring A., Wang K. and Weigel D.
Cell Host Microbe
(2020), 27(3) 405-417.

Museum phylogenomics of extinct <em>Oryctes</em> beetles from the Mascarene Islands

Latorre Sergio M., Herrmann Matthias, Paulsen M.J., Rödelsperger Christian, Dréau Andreea, Röseler Waltraud, Sommer Ralf J. and Burbano Hernán A.
(2020), 2020.02.19.954339.

Trait plasticity and covariance along a continuous soil moisture gradient

Monroe J. Grey, Cai Haoran and Des Marais David L.
(2020), 2020.02.17.952853.

Recently expanded clonal lineages of the rice blast fungus display distinct patterns of presence/absence of effector genes

Latorre Sergio M., Reyes-Avila C. Sarai, Malmgren Angus, Win Joe, Kamoun Sophien and Burbano Hernán A.
(2020), 2020.01.09.900308.

Recently expanded clonal lineages of the rice blast fungus display distinct patterns of presence/absence of effector genes

Latorre Sergio M., Reyes-Avila C. Sarai, Malmgren Angus, Win Joe, Kamoun Sophien and Burbano Hernán A.
(2020), 2020.01.09.900308.

AraPheno and the AraGWAS Catalog 2020: a major database update including RNA-Seq and knockout mutation data for Arabidopsis thaliana

Togninalli M., Seren U., Freudenthal J. A., Monroe J. G., Meng D., Nordborg M., Weigel D., Borgwardt K., Korte A. and Grimm D. G.
Nucleic Acids Res
(2020), 48(D1) D1063-D1068.

A singleton NLR of recent origin causes hybrid necrosis in <em>Arabidopsis thaliana</em>

Barragan A. Cristina, Collenberg Maximilian, Wang Jinge, Lee Rachelle R.Q., Cher Wei Yuan, Rabanal Fernando A., Ashkenazy Haim, Weigel Detlef and Chae Eunyoung
(2020), 2020.05.18.101451.

TERMINAL FLOWER1 Functions as a Mobile Transcriptional Cofactor in the Shoot Apical Meristem

Goretti D., Silvestre M., Collani S., Langenecker T., Mendez C., Madueno F. and Schmid M.
Plant Physiol
(2020), 182(4) 2081-2095.



An Ultra High-Density Arabidopsis thaliana Crossover Map That Refines the Influences of Structural Variation and Epigenetic Features

Rowan B. A., Heavens D., Feuerborn T. R., Tock A. J., Henderson I. R. and Weigel D.
(2019), 213(3) 771-787.

The relationship between microbial biomass and disease in the <em>Arabidopsis thaliana</em> phyllosphere

Karasov Talia L., Neumann Manuela, Duque-Jaramillo Alejandra, Kersten Sonja, Bezrukov Ilja, Schröppel Birgit, Symeonidi Efthymia, Lundberg Derek S., Regalado Julian, Shirsekar Gautam, Bergelson Joy and Weigel Detlef
(2019), 828814.

Combining whole genome shotgun sequencing and rDNA amplicon analyses to improve detection of microbe-microbe interaction networks in plant leaves

Regalado Julian, Lundberg Derek S., Deusch Oliver, Kersten Sonja, Karasov Talia, Poersch Karin, Shirsekar Gautam and Weigel Detlef
(2019), 823492.

Finding genetic variants in plants without complete genomes

Voichek Yoav and Weigel Detlef
(2019), 818096.

The BIR2/BIR3-interacting Phospholipase D gamma 1 negatively regulates immunity in Arabidopsis

Schlöffel Maria A., Salzer Andrea, Wan Wei-Lin, van Wijk Ringo, Šemanjski Maja, Symeonidi Efthymia, Slaby Peter, Kilian Joachim, Ma?ek Boris, Munnik Teun and Gust Andrea A.
(2019), 815282.

Multiple modes of convergent adaptation in the spread of glyphosate-resistant Amaranthus tuberculatus

Kreiner J. M., Giacomini D. A., Bemm F., Waithaka B., Regalado J., Lanz C., Hildebrandt J., Sikkema P. H., Tranel P. J., Weigel D., Stinchcombe J. R. and Wright S. I.
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