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PhD defense

Congratulations, Dr. Adrián Contreras!

Congratulations, Dr. Adrián Contreras!
PhD defense

Congratulations, Dr. Benjamin Buchfink!

Benjamin Buchfink defended his thesis today. Congratulations!
Max PhD defense

Congratulations, Dr. Maximilian Collenberg!

Max successfully defended his thesis today.

Out in NAR: Pushing the limits of HiFi assemblies (OA)

In-depth comparison of PacBio CLR and HiFi assemblies

Congratulations, Dr. Alejandra Duque!

Alejandra successfully defended her thesis

Now in Quant. Plant Biol.: New tool for DNA methlyation analysis

Methylscore to ID differentially methylated regions

Former postdoc Jiawei Wang wins Xplorer Prize

..which comes with a personal cash award of 3M RMB (~430,000€)

Detlef spoke at Kinderuni

Covered in our local newspaper Tübingen Children's University Max…
Achievement unlocked (or not): Arabidopsis manual cited in this bitcoin price prediction paper. Did a human or did ChatGPT make an error?
This looks like an amazing discovery from @plantophagy.bsky.social & friends![contains quote post or other embedded content]
Eine interessante Idee -- Im WissZeitVG verankern, dass Promotionen nur 4 Jahre dauern dürfen. Was halten Promovierende bzw. solche, die vor kurzem promoviert haben, davon? Würde mich über Feedback freuen.[contains quote post or other embedded content]
Ich würde mich über Gedanken zu diesem Thema freuen...[contains quote post or other embedded content]


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