Benjamin Buchfink

My research is focused on protein sequence alignment. Sequence searches in protein space allow to elucidate distant evolutionary relationships and present a challenging computational problem. While traditional search methods like BLAST are increasingly overburdened by the exponential growth of genomic data, I work on novel algorithms and highly optimized C++ implementations to solve this fundamental problem more efficiently. I am known as the author of the widely used DIAMOND alignment tool.

Research lines

  • Sequence alignment

Short vita

  • 2019 to present

    Doctoral researcher / Max Planck Institute for Biology

  • Doctoral researcher / Max Planck Institute for Biology Tübingen

Selected publications

Sensitive protein alignments at tree-of-life scale using DIAMOND

Buchfink B., Reuter K., Drost H.G.

Nature Methods 18, 366–368 (2021)

Fast and sensitive protein alignment using

Buchfink B., Xie C., Huson D.H.
Nature Methods (2015), 12, 59-60