Martina Kolb

My primary goal is to make sure the lab is running smoothly.

Additionally, I am part of the PATHOCOM project team. PATHOCOM seeks to understand how microbial communities develop and how microbehost and microbe-microbe interactions shape community composition and structure. Specifically, we examine the community relationships within Arabidopsis thaliana and its major bacterial leaf microbes, using a variety of field, molecular and experimental techniques.

Research lines

  • Plant-pathogen microbiome
  • Lab management

Short vita

  • 2020 to present

    Lab manager / Max Planck Institute for Biology

  • 2009 to 2021

    Technician / Max Planck Institute for Developmental Biology

  • 2007 to 2009

    Technician / University of Tübingen, Germany

Selected publications

Herud-Sikimi? O, Stiel AC, Kolb M, Shanmugaratnam S, Berendzen KW, Feldhaus C, Höcker B, Jürgens G. A biosensor for the direct visualization of auxin. Nature; 2021; 592(7856):768-772.

Slane D, Lee CH, Kolb M, Dent C, Miao Y, Franz-Wachtel M, Lau S, Mac?ek B, Balasubramanian S, Bayer M, Ju?rgens G. The integral spliceosomal component CWC15 is required for development in Arabidopsis. Sci Rep; 2020;10(1):13336.

Neu A, Eilbert E, Asseck LY, Slane D, Henschen A, Wang K, Bürgel P, Hildebrandt M, Musielak TJ, Kolb M, Lukowitz W, Grefen C, Bayer M. Constitutive signaling activity of a receptor-associated protein links fertilization with embryonic patterning in Arabidopsis thaliana. P NAS; 2019; 116(12):5795-5804.