In EMBO Journal (Open Access)

Circadian clock adjustment to plant iron status depends on chloroplast and phytochrome function

Patrice A Salomé, Michele Oliva, Detlef Weigel and Ute Krämer

Plant chloroplasts are not only the main cellular location for storage of … Read the rest

In Plant Phys:

Tissue-specific silencing by miRNA* In Plant Physiology:

Tissue-specific silencing of Arabidopsis thaliana SUVH8 by miR171a star

Pablo Manavella, Daniel Koenig, Ignacio Rubio-Somoza, Hernán A Burbano, Claude Becker, and Detlef Weigel

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are produced from double stranded precursors, from which … Read the rest

EMBO Symposium: New Models for Evolution & Ecology

New Model Systems for Linking Evolution and Ecology Organized by D. Tautz & D. Weigel

EMBL Heidelberg, Germany
Wednesday 1 May – Saturday 4 May 2013

Registration for this event is now live.

A major obstacle in linking evolution and … Read the rest

In Genome Biology: Review on plant epialleles

Plant epialleles

Detlef Weigel and Vincent Colot review the role of epialleles in plant biology and evolution

Genome Biology 2012, 13:249… Read the rest

Detlef Weigel plenary lecture at IPMB 2012 in Jeju

“Origin and consequences of genetic and epigenetic variation in Arabidopsis thaliana”

Detlef Weigel is giving a plenary lecture at the International Plant Molecular Biology (IPMB) Congress 2012 in Jeju, Korea, today.… Read the rest

Congratulations to Dr. Norman Warthmann!

Norman Warthmann defended his PhD thesis today: “Finding the Causal Genes: Developing Tools for Natural Variation Research”

He passed with a magna cum laude. Congratulations, Norman!… Read the rest

In Cell: fast-forward genetics miRNA screen

Just published: Using fast-forward genetics methods pioneered in the Weigel lab for rapid identification of a new regualtor of miRNA biogenesis.

Manavella et al.: Fast-Forward Genetics Identifies Plant CPL Phosphatases as Regulators of miRNA Processing Factor HYL1


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Review on epigenetic variation published Epigenetic variation: origin and transgenerational inheritance.

In Current Opinion in Plant Biology

Epigenetic variation: origin and transgenerational inheritance.

Becker C, Weigel D.

Recent studies have revealed that epigenetic variation in plant populations exceeds genetic diversity and that it is influenced by the environment. Nevertheless, epigenetic differences … Read the rest

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Congratulations, Dr. Anusha Srikanth!

Today she defended her thesis!

Anusha Srikanth, PhD student in the Schmid group, today defended her thesis, “Dissection of the role of FT and FD in the regulation of flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana”. Congratulations, Anusha!… Read the rest