In PLoS: A miRNA network regulating flower maturation

Rubio-Somoza I, Weigel D (2013)

Coordination of Flower Maturation by a Regulatory Circuit of Three MicroRNAs.

PLoS Genet 9(3): e1003374. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1003374

The development of multicellular organisms relies on interconnected genetic programs that control progression through their life cycle. MicroRNRubio-Somoza I, Weigel D (2013)As (miRNAs) and transcription factors (TFs) play key roles in such regulatory circuits. Here, we describe how three evolutionary conserved miRNA-TF pairs interact to form multiple checkpoints during reproductive development of Arabidopsis thaliana. Genetic, cellular, and physiological experiments show that miR159- and miR319-regulated MYB and TCP transcription factors pattern the expression of miR167 family members and their ARF6/8 targets. Coordinated action of these miRNA-TF pairs is crucial for the execution of consecutive hormone-dependent transitions during flower maturation. Cross-regulation includes both cis- and trans-regulatory interactions between these miRNAs and their targets. Our observations reveal how different miRNA-TF pairs can be organized into modules that coordinate successive steps in the plant life cycle.