New Review on 3D Chromatin Packing

Chromatin in 3D: progress and prospects for plants

Liu, C. and Weigel, D. 

Methods that use high-throughput sequencing have begun to reveal features of the three-dimensional structure of genomes at a resolution that goes far beyond that of traditional … Read the rest

Farewell to Noemi and Andrés

We’re saying goodbye to Noemi and wish her all the best for the second part of her PhD in Umeå, Sweden!

Andrés will go back to Argentina after a 3-months visit in the department – lots of luck!

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Current Opinion Review on Splicing and Temperature Signaling

Temperature dependent alternative splicing and its role in flowering time regulation

Capovilla, G., Pajoro, A., Immink, R.G., Schmid, M.

Developmental plasticity enables plants to respond rapidly to changing environmental conditions, such as temperature fluctuations. Understanding how plants measure temperature and

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