New paper connecting GA signaling and ambient-temperature mediated flowering

Gibberellic acid signaling is required for ambient temperature-mediated induction of flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana

Galvão, V. C., Collani, S, Horrer, D., Schmid, M.

Distinct molecular mechanisms integrate changes in ambient temperature into the genetic pathways that govern flowering time in … Read the rest

In PNAS: Role of RCF as a HYL1 cofactor in miRNA biogenesis

The KH domain protein RCF3 is a tissue-biased regulator of the plant miRNA biogenesis cofactor HYL1

Karlsson, P., Christie, M.D., Seymour, D., Wang, H., Wang, X., Hagmann, J., Kulcheski, F.R. and Manavella, P.A.

The biogenesis of microRNAs (miRNAs), which regulate … Read the rest

Markus officially installed as a professor in Umeå

Formal ceremony and public lecture on the occasion of the university’s 50th birthday.

Picture of Markus with Ove Nilsson (left), also former Weigelworld postdoc and now director of the Umeå Plant Science Centre.

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Congratulations, Dr. Jörg Hagmann!

Jörg successfully defended his PhD thesis today!

Its title: ‘Characterizing short-term evolution of DNA methylation in A. thaliana using next-generation sequencing’
Congratulations, Jörg!

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Population genomics review in ARGG

Population genomics for understanding adaptation in wild plant species

Weigel, D., and Nordborg, M.

Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection is the foundation of modern biology. However, it has proven remarkably difficult to demonstrate at the genetic, genomic, and … Read the rest