Farewell to Jane

We’re saying goodbye to Jane and wish her all the best for her new adventures in agroecology in France!

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Collaborative paper with Oliver Mathieu’s group

Epigenome confrontation triggers immediate reprogramming of DNA methylation and transposon silencing in A. thaliana F1 epihybrids.

Rigal, M., Becker, C., Pélissier, T., Pogorelcnik, R., Devos, J., Ikeda, Z., Weigel, D., and Mathieu, O.

Genes and transposons can exist in variable … Read the rest

Talia receives HFSP fellowship

Congratulations to Talia for receiving an HFSP post-doctoral fellowship!Read the rest

Pearls review on plant immunity

Cooperation and conflict in the plant immune system.

Chae, E., Tran, D. T. N., and Weigel, D.

Plants have a sophisticated innate immune system with which they defend themselves against a myriad of pathogens. During the past two decades, work … Read the rest

How to validate the identity of genetic stocks – letter in Plant Cell

A proposal regarding best practices for validating the identity of genetic stocks and the effects of genetic variants

Bergelson, J., Buckler, E. S., Ecker, J. R., Nordborg, M., and Weigel, D.

Colleagues from the medical field have estimated that up … Read the rest