2016 Campus Soccer Tournament

Two incredibly good department teams participated in this year’s Campus Soccer Tournament

Absolute winner spirit – we keep practicing to become next year’s champions!

Thanks to our numerous fans for believing in us, and thanks to the PhD reps for … Read the rest

Temporal patterns of damage and decay of DNA from herbaria specimens

Temporal patterns of damage and decay kinetics of DNA retrieved from plant herbarium specimens

Weiss, C. L., Schuenemann, V. J., Devos, J., Shirsekar, G., Reiter, E., Gould, B. A., Stinchcombe, J. R., Krause, J., Burbano, H. A.

Herbaria archive a … Read the rest

First major phase of 1001 Genomes Project concluded

1135 genomes Reveal the Global Pattern of Polymorphism in Arabidopsis thaliana

The 1001 Genome Consortium

Arabidopsis thaliana serves as a model organism for the study of fundamental physiological, cellular, and molecular processes. It has also greatly advanced our understanding of … Read the rest