With VIB colleagues: Variation in Gibberellin Responses

Natural Variation of Molecular and Morphological Gibberellin Responses

Nam, Y. J., Herman, D., Blomme, J., Chae, E., Kojima, M., Coppens, F., Storme, V., Van Daele, T., Dhondt, S., Sakakibara, H., Weigel, D., Inzé, D., Gonzalez, N.

Although phytohormones such as gibberellins are essential for many conserved aspects of plant physiology and development, plants vary greatly in their responses to these regulatory compounds. Here, we use genetic perturbation of endogenous gibberellin levels to probe the extent of intraspecific variation in gibberellin responses in natural accessions of Arabidopsis thaliana (Arabidopsis). We find that these accessions vary greatly in their ability to buffer the effects of overexpression of GA20ox1, encoding a rate-limiting enzyme for gibberellin biosynthesis, with substantial differences in bioactive gibberellin concentrations as well as transcriptomes and growth trajectories. These findings demonstrate a surprising level of flexibility in the wiring of regulatory networks underlying hormone metabolism and signalling.