easyGWAS paper in Plant Cell

A Cloud-based Platform for Comparing the Results of Genome-wide Association Studies

Grimm, D. G., Roqueiro, D., Salomé, P. A., Kleeberger, S., Greshake, B., Zhu, W., Liu, C., Lippert, C., Stegle, O., Schölkopf, B., Weigel, D., and Borgwardt, K. M. 

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EMBO fellowship awarded to Lei

Congrats to Lei for securing an EMBO Long Term Fellowship!Read the rest

Methods for Genotyping-by-Sequencing

A guide to genotyping-by-sequencing, in Methods in Molecular Biology

Rowan, B. A., Seymour, D. K., Chae, E., Lundberg, D. S., & Weigel, D. (2017).

A major goal for biologists is to understand the connection between genes and phenotypic traits, and … Read the rest