Detlef to receive the Barbara McClintock Prize 2019

The award is given annually for career accomplishments in plant genomics

On March 24, the Maize Genetics Executive Committee announced that Detlef will receive the Barbara McClintock Prize 2019 for Plant Genetics and Genome Studies. The announcement takes place at

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Live fast/die young or live slow/die old?

Adaptive diversification of growth allometry in the plant Arabidopsis thaliana

Are there biological constants unifying phenotypic diversity across scales? Metabolic scaling theory (MST) predicts mathematical regularity and constancy in the allometric scaling

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Regional GWAS of flowering adaptation

Genome-wide signatures of flowering adaptation to climate temperature: regional analyses in a highly diverse native range of Arabidopsis thaliana

Collaborative work with Carlos Alonso-Blanco and Xavi Picó

Tabas-Madrid et al.: Plant Cell Environ. published online Mar 8.

Current global

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