Danelle’s paper on transmission ratio distortion published

Transmission ratio distortion is frequent in Arabidopsis thaliana controlled crosses

OA | Over 500 segregating F2 populations analyzed

Seymour et al., Heredity (2018), published online June 28

bioRxiv version with a slightly different title: The genetic architecture of recurrent segregation Read the rest

Pangenome analysis tool for Pseudomonas online

panX website for 1,524 Pseudomonas genomes

panX is a software package for comprehensive pan-genome analysis, web-based interactive visualization and dynamic exploration, developed by Wei Ding and Richard Neher.

We have recently assembled the genomes of 1,524 Pseudomonas genomes collected from … Read the rest

Detlef presentation GRC

Presentation on figshare

Detlef’s presentation at the recent Gordon Research Conference on Plant Molecular Biology – Plant Dynamic Systems, focusing on aspects of epigenetic and genetic adaptation to the abiotic environment and advertising our new Pathodopsis project.

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