HFSP fellowships to two recent PhD graduates

Patricia Lang and Giovanna Capovilla both won HFSP support!

Congratulations to Patricia Lang, who will work on “Evolutionary genetics of stomata-related climate change-adaptation through space and time”, and Giovanna Capovilla, who will work on “Prochlorococcus cyanophage: lysogenic potential … Read the rest

Congratulations, Dr. Karelina & Dr. Van de Weyer!

A first: Two PhD defenses on one day!

Both Anna-Lena and Darya investigated the amazing diversity of NLR genes in Arabidopsis thaliana:

Anan-Lena’s PhD thesis is entitled “The pan-NLR’ome of Arabidopsis thalianaGenome-Wide Analysis of Nucleotide-Binding Domain Leucine-Rich Repeat (NLR) Variation … Read the rest