In PLoS Genetics: RPW8/HR4 and NLR activation

RPW8/HR repeats control NLR activation in Arabidopsis thaliana

Barragan et al., PLoS Genetics, published July 25, 2019

In many plant species, conflicts between divergent elements of the immune system, especially nucleotide-binding oligomerization domain-like receptors (NLR), can lead to hybrid necrosis. … Read the rest

Farewell to Hernán and Clemens

After a very successful 7 years in Weigelworld, first as a Postdoc, then as a group leader, Hernán will relocate to London, and start his new lab at UCL.
We wish you all the best!

Clemens, Hernán’s first grad student … Read the rest

Genome Editing – Chancen und Risiken

Public lecture on genome editing as part of the Studium Generale

Detlef spoke about “How common are spontaneous mutations in plants – and how do they compare to genome editing?”

Last year, the European Court of Justice decided that the … Read the rest

Congratulations, Dr. Clemens Weiss!

Clemens successfully defended his PhD thesis on the use of ancient DNA from plants and microbes for evolutionary inference.

Congratulations, Clemens!… Read the rest

Congratulations, Dr. Julian Regalado!

Julian successfully defended his PhD thesis on the use of whole genome shotgun sequencing in microbiome studies.  

Congratulations, Julian!… Read the rest