Commensal Pseudomonas can protect against pathogens

Commensal Pseudomonas strains facilitate protective response against pathogens in the host plant

Or Shalev et al., Nature Ecology & Evolution (published online February 24, 2022)

The community structure in the plant-associated microbiome depends collectively on host–microbe, microbe–microbe and host–microbe–microbe interactions. … Read the rest

Assembling Arabidopsis centromeres with HiFi reads

Collaboration with Ian Henderson (Cambridge):

Pushing the limits of HiFi assemblies reveals centromere diversity between two Arabidopsis thaliana genomes

Fernando Rabanal et al. bioRxiv 480579 doi 10.1101/2022.02.15.480579 (posted February 16, 2022)

Although long-read sequencing can often enable chromosome-level reconstruction of … Read the rest