Prestigious HFSP Long-Term Fellowship for Gal Ofir

Gal Ofir is joining us from the lab of Rotem Sorek at the Weizmann Institute, where he has helped to discover and characterize new immunity systems that bacteria use to defend themselves against phages. Check out Gal’s impressive publication record … Read the rest

bioRxiv: Stable epimutations after regeneration

Predictable and stable epimutations induced during clonal propagation with embryonic transcription factors

Wibowo et al. (2022) bioRxiv 2022.03.15.484412

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Although clonal propagation is frequently used in commercial plant breeding and plant biotechnology programs because it minimizes … Read the rest

Systematic transcriptomic study of heterosis

Pervasive under-dominance in gene expression as unifying principle of biomass heterosis in Arabidopsis

Yuan et al. (2022) bioRxiv 2022.03.03.482808

Heterosis, the generally superior performance in hybrids compared to their inbred parents, is one of the most enigmatic biological phenomena. Many … Read the rest

PATHOCOM sampling underway

Under Aim 1 of our ERC-SyG project PATHOCOM, we are generating foundational data, by characterizing the intra- and interspecific diversity as well as abundance of pathobiota and commensal microbiota across multiple populations of A. thaliana in three regions in Read the rest