bioRxiv: Analysis of herbicide resistance mutations

Use of long reads for phased analysis of extended haplotyes

Deep haplotype analyses of target-site resistance locus ACCase in blackgrass enabled by pool-based amplicon sequencing

Sonja Kersten et al. (2022) bioRxiv 496946

Rapid adaptation of weeds to herbicide applications … Read the rest

Updated bioRxiv: Sphingomonas & Pseudomonas in the phyllosphere

Sphingomonas does well ... but only when plants are alive

Contrasting patterns of microbial dominance in the Arabidopsis thaliana phyllosphere

Derek S. Lundberg et al. (2022) bioRxiv 438366

Sphingomonas is one of the most abundant bacterial genera in the … Read the rest

bioRxiv with Yanovsky lab: Light, temperature and alternative splicing

PICLN modulates alternative splicing and ensures adaptation to light and temperature changes in plants

Julieta L. Mateos et al. (2022) bioRxiv 496170

Plants undergo transcriptome reprogramming to adapt to daily and seasonal fluctuations in light and temperature conditions. While … Read the rest

bioRxiv with MoiLab: Improved pool-sequencing

Monitoring rapid evolution of plant populations at scale with Pool-Sequencing

Lucas Czech et al. (2022) bioRxiv 477408

The change in allele frequencies within a population over time represents a fundamental process of evolution. By monitoring allele frequencies, we can … Read the rest