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PhD defense

Congratulations, Dr. Adrián Contreras!

Congratulations, Dr. Adrián Contreras!
PhD defense

Congratulations, Dr. Benjamin Buchfink!

Benjamin Buchfink defended his thesis today. Congratulations!
Max PhD defense

Congratulations, Dr. Maximilian Collenberg!

Max successfully defended his thesis today.

Out in NAR: Pushing the limits of HiFi assemblies (OA)

In-depth comparison of PacBio CLR and HiFi assemblies

Congratulations, Dr. Alejandra Duque!

Alejandra successfully defended her thesis

Now in Quant. Plant Biol.: New tool for DNA methlyation analysis

Methylscore to ID differentially methylated regions

Former postdoc Jiawei Wang wins Xplorer Prize

..which comes with a personal cash award of 3M RMB (~430,000€)

Detlef spoke at Kinderuni

Covered in our local newspaper Tübingen Children's University Max…
Spot the Illumina fan boy! In Copenhagen, with Shankar Balasubramanian and David Klenerman, who received the Novo Nordisk Prize this year.
In a nice paper, Mercier and Schneeberger add 69 almost complete A. thaliana genomes to our collection of 66 T2T genomes published last year in collaboration with Henderson/Bouisos labs & other colleagues (https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-023-06062-z). https://www.nature.com/articles/s41588-024-01715-9
Infuriating headline: “Government is making flying a luxury” — because taxes and fees on an intra-European ticket rise from ~30€ to ~50€. That’s still much too low considering the damage of air travel. https://hbapp.handelsblatt.com/cmsid/100029859.html
Martin Howard at DeanFest: Intuition is not enough!
Helping the amazing Caroline Dean to celebrate 36 years of FLC research at the John Innes Centre.
Such glorification of dictatorial behavior in the lab, with the insinuation that this is what it takes to get a Nobel Prize, seems a bit out of tune with the times. (In full disclosure, as a colleague at the Salk, I found Roger Guillemin always affable and courteous.)https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.adp0647
Update on the famous zigzag model, seen at Tate Britain #PlantScience
How cool is that -- would not have guessed that the type of genetic incompatibility, hybrid necrosis, that we've studied for many years, is also the cause for graft incompatibility. I wonder whether it's a story of mismatched helper NLRs... @kamounlab.bsky.social[contains quote post or other embedded content]
(…in humans) 🌱🪴🪻🦋🪰🦅🐘🐘🍄[contains quote post or other embedded content]


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