Plasmids and Seeds

We are happy to share original material that we generated and published – a large number of plasmids and seeds has therefore been donated to the stock centers and/or addgene.

When requesting material, please:

  • first check whether the material is available from NASC, ABRC, or addgene. If yes, please request from there.
  • specify the exact publication you are referring to as well as the construct name (e.g., pDW151, not 35S::LFY) when material is not available from the stock centers or addgene, and send your request to Detlef Weigel together with the corresponding digitalized MTA signed by an authorized representative of your institution.
  • understand that we cannot provide seeds for lines that produce little or no progeny. This is especially the case for microRNA mimicry transgenics – plasmids are available from the stock centers.
  • provide your full postal address
  • notice that we only honor requests from institutional email accounts (no gmail/hotmail etc.)

More information about our ethanol inducible vector system can be downloaded here. Vector sequences are available for download here.

Web Tools

The 1001 Genomes project, investigating genome-scale variation among Arabidopsis thaliana accessions, is hosted here. The site provides several web tools to query and visualize variation as well as a download section to retrieve genome assemblies of individual or groups of accessions, and also several software packages developed in the department .

WMD3, our artificial microRNA design tool, computes sequences for the specific knock down of your favorite gene of interest in a large number of species. It is available here, both as a web-tool and software package to download.

We have discontinued the AtGenExpress visualization tool, but you can still view the data in the Arabidopsis eFP browser, hosted at the University of Toronto.