Identify an EMS lesion in one week–SHOREmap paper published!

Traditional strategies for identification of causal mutations involve two discrete steps: recombinant genotyping and candidate gene sequencing.

To dramatically speed up identification of causative point mutations and small deletions, we provide the software package SHOREmap (, an extension of the short read analysis pipeline SHORE. SHOREmap supports genome-wide genotyping and candidate-gene sequencing in a single step through analysis of deep sequencing data from a large pool of recombinants.

Schneeberger, K, Ossowski, S, Lanz, C, Juul, T, Petersen, AH, Nielsen, KL, Jorgensen, J, Weigel, D, and Andersen, SU (2009).
SHOREmap: simultaneous mapping and mutation identification by deep sequencing.
Nat Methods, 6(8):550-1.