miR156/SPL paper published in Cell

Jia-wei’s paper, reporting the discovery of a new pathway that allows Arabidopsis thaliana to flower in the absence of inductive long days, has just been published in Cell

Back to back with a paper from the Poethig lab, on which Jia-wei is also a co-author and which reports additional roles for miR156-regulated SPL transcription factors.

Wang, J, Czech, B, and Weigel, D (2009).
miR156-regulated SPL transcription factors define an endogenous flowering pathway in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Cell, 138(4):738-49.

Wu, G, Park, MY, Conway, SR, Wang, J, Weigel, D, and Poethig, RS (2009).
The sequential action of miR156 and miR172 regulates developmental timing in Arabidopsis.
Cell, 138(4):750-9.