Genome-wide association study published in Nature

Based on the Arabidopsis thaliana haplotype map that we published in 2007, 1200 accessions are currently genotyped with a 250,000 SNP chip by the Bergelson, Borevitz and Nordborg labs.

The data can be found here. The results from performing … Read the rest

80 A. thaliana genome sequences released

The Weigel lab has released the first 80 A. thaliana genome sequences from the 1001 Genomes project.

See the project homepage for details.… Read the rest

Incoming postdoc Dan Koenig wins prestigious HFSP Fellowship

Dan Koenig has won one of the highly competitive Long-Term Fellowships from the Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO). Dan is finishing his PhD work with Neelima Sinha at UC Davis and join Team Natural Variation in the Weigel lab … Read the rest