Genome-wide association study published in Nature

Based on the Arabidopsis thaliana haplotype map that we published in 2007, 1200 accessions are currently genotyped with a 250,000 SNP chip by the Bergelson, Borevitz and Nordborg labs.

The data can be found here. The results from performing genome-wide association scans (GWAS) with the first set of lines have just been published in Nature, including several phenotypes analyzed at the Max Planck Institute.

Atwell, S, Huang, YS, Vilhjalmsson, BJ, Willems, G, Horton, M, Li, Y, Meng, D, Platt, A, Tarone, AM, Hu, TT, Jiang, R, Muliyati, NW, Zhang, X, Amer, MA, Baxter, I, Brachi, B, Chory, J, Dean, C, Debieu, M, de, Me, Ecker, JR, Faure, N, Kniskern, JM, Jones, JD, Michael, T, Nemri, A, Roux, F, Salt, DE, Tang, C, Todesco, M, Traw, MB, Weigel, D, Marjoram, P, Borevitz, JO, Bergelson, J, and Nordborg, M (2010).
Genome-wide association study of 107 phenotypes in Arabidopsis thaliana inbred lines.
Nature, published online March 24, 2010.