Review on epigenetic variation published Epigenetic variation: origin and transgenerational inheritance.

In Current Opinion in Plant Biology

Epigenetic variation: origin and transgenerational inheritance.

Becker C, Weigel D.

Recent studies have revealed that epigenetic variation in plant populations exceeds genetic diversity and that it is influenced by the environment. Nevertheless, epigenetic differences … Read the rest

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Congratulations, Dr. Anusha Srikanth!

Today she defended her thesis!

Anusha Srikanth, PhD student in the Schmid group, today defended her thesis, “Dissection of the role of FT and FD in the regulation of flowering in Arabidopsis thaliana”. Congratulations, Anusha!… Read the rest

Launching eLife, Part 1 Editorial in eLife

Read our editorial in new top-flight journal eLife, on publishing our first articles.… Read the rest

Parallel evolution of flowering time in Capsella and Arabidopsis Just out in Genetics

Independent FLC Mutations as Causes of Flowering Time Variation in Arabidopsis thaliana and Capsella rubella.

Guo YL, Todesco M, Hagmann J, Das S, Weigel D.

Capsella rubella is an inbreeding annual forb closely related to Arabidopsis thaliana, a model species

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D. Weigel giving plenary lecture at FESPB 2012

Detlef Weigel is delivering today, August 1, a plenary lecture entitled “Arabidopsis thaliana as a model system for the study of evolutionary questions”, at the joint EPSO-FESPB Plant Biology 2012 meeting in Freiburg.

This is what he will discuss:

We … Read the rest