eLife paper on gene conversions in Arabidopsis thaliana

The genomic landscape of meiotic crossovers and gene conversions in Arabidopsis thaliana

In eLife, with the Schneeberger, Keurentjes and Koornneef labs

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Manavella lab: Max Planck Partner Group in Argentina

Pablo Manavella had a very successful postdoc career in WeigelWorld, making important contributions to our knowledge of miRNA processing and action.

He now won a grant that will support his new lab in Santa Fe, Argentina, as a Max Planck Read the rest

Lisa Smith starting as Lecturer @ Univ. Sheffield

Lisa Smith left at the end of October to start as a Lecturer/Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield

After a very productive time in WeigelWorld, Lisa Smith left at the end of October to start as a Lecturer/Research Fellow … Read the rest

Nature: FLM splice form antagonism in flowering

How two splice forms of the FLM transcription factor antagonize each other to control temperature dependent flowering

Markus Schmid’s group, with help from Detlef Weigel’s PhD student Felix Ott (who was responsible for the bioinformatic analyses), in collaboration with Richard … Read the rest

WeigelWorld retreat

Summer 2013

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WeigelWorld also most highly cited dev biol lab in DE/CH/AT

We lead the list, with almost 5000 citations for articles published in 2007 to 2010.

The Laborjournal has released its ranking of developmental biologists active in one of the German speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria). We lead the list, with … Read the rest

ERC funding for Detlef Weigel

ERC Advanced Grant proposal IMMUNEMESIS is funded

it’s official: our ERC Advanced Grant proposal IMMUNEMESIS is funded. The proposal text is here.

IMMUNEMESIS: The Plant Immune System: Epistasis and Fitness-Tradeoffs

A fundamental question in biology is how multicellular … Read the rest

Temperature dependent flowering in Science

The Schmid group collaborated with Ji Hoon Ahn, former WeigelWorld postdoc and now professor at Korea University, on this beautiful study on temperature dependent flowering.

Published today in Science.… Read the rest

Congratulations, Dr. William Ho!

William received a magna cum laude for his dissertation and public defence of “Structural and Functional Analysis of FLOWERING LOCUS T in Arabidopsis thaliana”… Read the rest

In PLoS: A miRNA network regulating flower maturation

Rubio-Somoza I, Weigel D (2013)

Coordination of Flower Maturation by a Regulatory Circuit of Three MicroRNAs.

PLoS Genet 9(3): e1003374. doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1003374

The development of multicellular organisms relies on interconnected genetic programs that control progression through their life cycle. MicroRNRubio-Somoza I, … Read the rest