Life on the edge prepares plants for climate change

Life on the edge prepares plants for climate change


In the first study to predict whether different populations of the same plant species can adapt to climate change, we found that central European populations of A. thaliana are most … Read the rest

Role for F-box protein HAWAIIAN SKIRT in miRNA function

A role for the F-box protein HAWAIIAN SKIRT in plant microRNA function

Lang PLM, Christie MD, Dogan ES, Schwab R, Hagmann J, Van de Weyer AL, Scacchi E, Weigel D.

Plant Physiol. 2017 Nov 7.

As regulators of gene … Read the rest

Maus Türöffner Tag

How we sequence DNA – teaching lab for kids

As big fans of Die Maus, we participated in this year’s open house event and showed how DNA can be extracted, read and sequenced.

Big thanks to all kids for … Read the rest

6th bioRxiv of 2017: Massive field data from rain manipulation

A rainfall-manipulation experiment with 517 Arabidopsis thaliana accessions

Exposito-Alonso et al.

The gold standard for studying natural selection is to quantify lifetime fitness in individuals from natural populations that have been grown together under different field conditions. This has

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Congratulations, Dr. Giovanna Capovilla!

Giovanna successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled ‘Exploring the role of temperature regulated alternative splicing in flowering time and morphogenesis’

Congratulations, Giovanna!

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In Nature Plants: Prominent TADs in rice

Prominent topologically associated domains differentiate global chromatin packing in rice from Arabidopsis

Chang Liu, Ying-Juan Cheng, Jia-Wei Wang & Detlef Weigel

Nature Plants (2017)

The non-random three-dimensional organization of genomes is critical for many cellular processes. Recently, analyses of

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In Genome Biology: 3D genome of interspecific hybrids

Altered chromatin compaction & histone methylation in an interspecific Arabidopsis hybrid

Wangsheng Zhu et al., Genome Biology 2017 18:157,

Background: The merging of two diverged genomes can result in hybrid offspring that phenotypically differ greatly from both parents. In … Read the rest

2017 Campus Soccer Tournament

Two awesome WeigelWorld soccer teams participated in this year’s campus tournament.


The Elephants

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In Science: Ancient maize adaptation to temperate climate

Genomic estimation of complex traits reveals ancient maize adaptation to temperate North America

Swarts, K., Gutaker, R. M., Benz, B., Blake, M., Bukowski, R., Holland, J., Kruse-Peeples, M., Lepak, N., Prim, L., Romay, M. C., Ross-Ibarra, J., Sanchez-Gonzalez, J. d. … Read the rest