Sediment DNA revolutionizing ancient genetics

Neandertal and Denisovan DNA from Pleistocene sediments

Targeted enrichment of sediment DNA revolutionizing ancient genetics

Viviane Slon, Charlotte Hopfe, Clemens L. Weiß, Hernán A. Burbano, Svante Pääbo, Matthias Meyer

Although a rich record of Pleistocene human-associated archaeological assemblages exists, the … Read the rest

March for Science Tübingen

Great turnout — 2700 marched in Tübingen

Article (in German) in our local newspaper

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Dangerous Mix NLR proteins in autoimmunity: higher order complexes

Activation of a Plant NLR Complex through Heteromeric Association with an Autoimmune Risk Variant of Another NLR

Tran, D.T.N., Chung, E.H., Habring-Müller, A., Demar, M., Schwab, R., Dangl, J.L., Weigel, D., Chae, E.

When independently evolved immune receptor variants meet … Read the rest

Awesome collaborators collecting microbe field samples!

Many thanks to Joy Bergelson, Ben Brachi, Svante Holm, Magnus Nordborg et al.

The Bergelson, Dean, Holm and Nordborg labs are regularly sampling Arabidopsis thaliana field sites in Sweden. Many thanks for their efforts to collect microbial samples, which we … Read the rest

Join us as a postdoc in Computational Genomics

A post-doctoral position is available in the area of comparative genome annotation

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