People Genome Informatics

Detlef Weigel


I started out as a developmental biologist, but over the past two decades years, my lab has come to focus more and more on questions of evolution. We investigate these both from a genomic perspective and starting from phenotypes, primarily, but not exclusively in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Fernando Rabanal

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ribosome heterogeneity. Evolution of regulation of ribosomal RNA genes. Population genomics of herbicide resistance

Haim Ashkenazy

Postdoctoral Researcher

Plant evolutionary genomics. Evolutionary dynamics of gene content in bacterial and plant genomes. Co-evolution of plant-microbe interactions. Comparative genomics and phylogenomics

Ilja Bezrukov

Staff Scientist

Sebastian Vorbrugg

Doctoral Researcher

Application of genome graphs

Wenfei Xian

Doctoral Researcher

Population genomics

Yueqi Tao

Doctoral Researcher

Evolutionary genomics

Zhigui Bao

Doctoral Researcher

 Complex structural variants. Pangenome graphs.